Friday, February 1, 2019

Indonesian Pun Master

Wahyu Liz Ada-ide-aja is the Indonesian Pun Master
He creates several fun sentences (The Art of Paronomasia), word by word that make people' face splitting

school pun - Indonesian

This millennial guy was graduate from chemistry major, Natural Sciences Faculty of Gadjah Mada University, the Oldest University in Indonesia
that was mind-blowing 😆  LOL

This entrepreneur has recently creative business such as Pun T-shirt, Custom Doll, and Graphic Designs. 

korean star custom doll

custom character doll by Kuprit Pun Master

Wahyu Liz -also well-known as Kuprit- is a public speaker for millennial creative industries 

He talk about Marketing Communication Strategy in the Industry 4.0
Also Creative Ways to enhance the Small Medium Enterprise Performance 

Wahyu Liz Adaideaja: wearing Blangkon (javanese traditional cap) bring his Kuprit doll

Delivering pun and fun the creative ways

always happy Seminars

Wahyu Liz Adaideaja said that we have to creatively run for the goals
By creative story telling, make a puns, for entertaining our customers
When people happy, they will say Take My Money ^^

To call Wahyu Liz (Kuprit) 
you may contact +6285728309759
or press this button: 

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